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Electric face and body painless hair remover

KSh 1,015.00

  • Safely removes hair on armpits, bikini area, face and legs.
  • Razor sensor light technology ensuring no cuts while shaving
  • When fully charged can last several occasions
  • Eco friendly saving on use of chemicals and disposal of razors.
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This is a rechargeable electric shaver. It has a rechargeable battery that is charged using the USB cord included. Once charged the shaver can be used for several occasions before the battery runs out. It has Razor Sensor Light technology , it only turns on when pressed against the skin. It is an ideal choice for those looking for pain free hair removal option that will leave the skin soft and smooth with no razor burns. It safely removes hair anywhere on the armpits, bikini area, legs. It is economical than using razors and can be used comfortably while travelling as it can be charged with the phone USB.

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Weight 650 g

purple and white


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