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Wooden handle masher

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  • Efficiently mashes cooked potatoes, purple potatoes, sweet potato, carrots & bananas – Mashes food to a fine consistency
  • Custom-designed nonslip handle is well-balanced & ergonomically designed for comfort & smooth operation under heavy use
  • Features mechanism that locks head securely in place & folds flat for easy storage when not in use
  • Crafted of high quality rustproof stainless steel,
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Product details

the go-to meal includes mashed potatoes. This stainless steel potato masher provides the leverage you When you need comfort food need to get the tatters smashed and ready for butter or gravy. It has an extra wide head to speed up the process. Use it to mash other vegetables such as sweet potatoes and turnips. The weight of the masher is concentrated in the snaking steel head to assist with the process. The handle is approx. 23cm long and 8cm round mashing surface with a solid steel grip. It is completely sealed to prevent food from seeping in where the wire and handle connect. This ensures a sanitary cooking environment.


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Weight 100 g



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