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Queen cup

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Queen cup

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1. Aromatherapys function: add water to the water tank (can not exceed the water level line), add an appropriate amount of essentials oil, long press the switch button, turn on the Aromatherapys atomization, and turn on the flames atmosphere light at the same time; long press again to stop working.
2. Colorful light function: when the spray is turned on, short press the switch button to turn on the colorful atmosphere light; short press again to fix the changing color; short press again to turn off the atmosphere light.
3. Protection function: built-in water shortage protection chip, it will automatically stop working after detecting no water;
4. Relaxing atmosphere good: this Aromatherapy’s diffuser is perfect for any living room, bedroom, office, yoga or travel, powered by USB cable, small size and easy to carry. The essentials oil diffuser provides you with the ideal environment for breathing, sleeping , relaxing and feeling better.

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Weight 200 g


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