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Kids battery operated fire truck Has sounds and light

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A toy RC car is a model car that can be controlled remotely with a radio remote. According to the different body shapes, it can be divided into: ordinary private RVs, off-road vehicles, container trucks, dump trucks and so on. For example, off-road vehicles in real life can not only adapt to various road conditions in the wild, but also give people a rough and heroic driving superiority. However, as an ordinary child and an ordinary game player, you can achieve a certain degree of “driving pleasure” by operating an ordinary remote control toy car. Of course, this feeling is far from comparable to driving a real car. When the remote control car is turned on, check whether the toy wheel rotates at a uniform speed, and whether there is a sudden reversal or sudden stop. If everything is checked normally, still hold the toy in the left hand, press the sounder with the right hand, and watch whether the wheel of the toy will suddenly change the direction of rotation, and check the sensitivity of the switching action. Check the anti-interference ability of the toy, place the toy at a distance of about 1 meter, or speak gently, and observe whether the toy will malfunction.
The remote control car has many control actions. When selecting, check the sensitivity of the control one action by one action. Special attention should be paid to pulling the antenna of the transmitter to the longest position at the beginning of the inspection. After all inspections are normal, slowly shorten the antenna and observe the shortening of the control distance. Generally, when the antenna is shrunk to half of the full length, and the control distance is shortened by one-third, it is normal. For children under the age of 6, just choose a single-channel remote control toy. Its action is relatively simple, and the transmitter only has one button, which can only control the toy to change one action, such as from forward to backward. For children over 6 years old, you can choose multi-channel remote control toys, so that children can master more complex manipulation skills.

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