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Fun Flute For Kids And Adults Unisex Flute

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  • Easy to use
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  • Unisex
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Treat the kids to hours of fun as they play their hearts out, embrace the rhythm, and immerse themselves in a world of mesmerizing melody! This set comes with 3 (13”) plastic flutes, ready to introduce the kiddos to a world of sound. And the best part of it all? Playing the musical toys is a cake walk! No need to practice; no need to be a master of music theory. Just hum away and produce beautiful sound along the way. Little kids and toddlers will absolute love them!
Durability meets Aesthetics
No dealing with music toys that break on day one. We’ve designed our  flutes using heavy-duty plastic that’s tough enough to withstand constant use every day, and durable enough to hold up to the most active of play. Every set comes with an assortment of metallic colors including silver, green, and purple. Little ones will love the sheen and shimmer that adds to the sonic spectacle!acked by a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee.
Make the kids smile with a serving of rhythmic goodness! Features & details MELODY THEY’LL LOVE: Fill the air with some smile-sparking music! This set comes with 3 (13”) plastic flutes for kids that are a breeze to play. No practice or music theory needed. Just hum to your heart’s content and produce beautiful sounds you’ll love grooving to. COLORFUL ASSORTMENT: These musical instruments for kids aren’t just a treat for the ears, they are certified eye-candy too. We’ve designed them in metallic colors that pop with personality. Every set includes beautiful metallic shades of silver, purple, and green. DESIGNED TO LAST: Made using high-quality plastic, these music recorders for kids complement the melodic goodness with impressive durability; they won’t break easily. They also help improve cognitive thinking and creativity through mental acoustic stimulation. GREAT GIFT IDEA: Looking for birthday party favors to thrill the kiddies? These music toys work with just about any theme and appeal to both boys and girls. They’re also super easy to carry; slip one in your pocket and enjoy the music while on the go.

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Weight 100 g

Blue, green, pink, yellow


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