Party Charades – The Fun Acting Game

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  • PARTY GAME NIGHT: It’s instant out-of the-box fun! No more time spent thinking up good charades. Party Charades will have you laughing, while you show off your acting skills to friends and family.
  • TEAM VERSUS TEAM: Divide into teams. Party Charades is an easy-to-play party game that everyone will love!
  • EARN POINTS: Score more points for harder charades, but think carefully – you may earn more points by acting out easier charades before time runs out.
  • Don’t Waste Time Thinking of A Funny Charades
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PARTY CHARADES is a spin on a classic game that everybody is going to love. Instead of taking the time to think up your own charades, the fun starts as soon as the box is opened up. As in the classic game, you play by dividing up into teams, and then choose a designated actor. The actor picks a card and portrays to their team the word on the card without using words, and their team needs to guess the word they are acting out. In Party Charades, you can score more points for choosing to act out harder charades, but think carefully as you may earn more total points by acting out a larger quantity of easier charades before time runs out. It’s a race against the clock. Each game is different and will have you and your family or friends rolling on the floor in laughter.

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